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     Well, I guess that I won't get TOO personal just yet.  My name is Ken and I suppose I am a frustrating person.  I know that I frustrate myself, although I doubt that I am any different than the great majority of people.  Like them I have hopes and dreams, some fully formed and some hazy and indistinct, their existence sometimes indicated by a vague type of restlessness that sometimes manifests itself in various ways.  Lessee...what else?  I am well educated, once dark hair now salt and pepper, sliding towards grey.  I am an Aquarian, although I place no value in such things.  I am in love with this beautiful Earth that God has provided us with, and I am saddened beyond despair at what we are doing to it.
I love the beach, the waves crashing in, the wind crisp on my face, the smell of salt and the cry of gulls.  I love the dark forest, carpeted with green moss, the trickling sound that a small stream makes flowing through centuries of mould, tea colored, so cold it hurts my teeth, the fluting of thrush, fern fronds, dark bark, and the sun on the cinnamon trunks of the Madrona trees.  I used to love the ecstatic smile and the cry of "Daddy!!" that my daughter used to give as she ran, arms outstretched,  to be picked up when I came home...before she got too old.  (Sigh)  I love all kinds of things, and as befits one who has intense feelings of all kinds, I also hate many things,  intolerance of all kinds, especially bigotry, rudeness and the despicable things that we are doing to the environment.  (You know...this sounds like some cheesy description one would find in a singles magazine.)
I have a tremendous capacity for love if I find one who is able to reciprocate.  Like others I have had many disappointments in that department, but instead of bitterness and disillusionment, I find myself even more able to appreciate it when I find it.  I think that over the years, such experiences have only broadened and deepened this capacity.  Like a river wearing down through hard rock over time, I feel once turbulent waters become smooth and deep
Once I was full of words and ideas bubbled forth and I
talked endlessly.
Gradually the words describing my inner panorama
became inadequate and trite
meaningless and redundant.
And my talk
became punctuated
with silences that grew
and soon
I became silent
and a calm filled me
and I felt as a broken
wind-blasted tree
on the edge of a rocky precipice
overlooking great mist-swathed distances
with gnarled roots gripping
the stony heart  of the mountain.
or as Will Rogers said:

"Never pass up a chance to keep your mouth shut."

And the Arabic proverb

إذا تم العقل نقص الكلا

The smarter you get the fewer words you say.


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