Global Warming

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   Is Global warming a reality?  Study the graphs below from Wikipedia and come to your own conclusion.  The prevailing scientific evidence is overwhelming that global warming is occurring.  The graphs begin with the immediate past with the last graph showing the temperature changes for the past 500 million years.

A.  Global Temperatures from 1856 to the Present.

B.  Global Temperature  variations for the past 2,000 years.

C.  Temperature Variations for the past 12,000 years.

D.  Antarctic Temperature changes for the past 400,000+ years.

E. CO2 changes for the past 400,000+ years.

F.  A comparison of changes in the Temperature, CO2 and dust levels for the past 400,000+ years.

G. Temperature Variations for the past 5 million years.

H. Temperature  Variations for the past 65 million years

 I.  Temperature Variations for the past 500+ million years.


Global mean surface temperatures 1856 to  2004



Two millenia of temperatures according to different reconstructions, each smoothed on a decadal scale. The unsmoothed, annual value for 2004 is also plotted for reference.


This figure shows eight records and their average (dark line). The mid 20th century average is represented by zero and the global average of 2004 is also shown.  See Wikipedias site below for more discussion.


Antarctic temperature changes in the past 450,000 years, showing five main colder periods with corresponding changes in the ice pack.


This figure shows the changes in carbon dioxide concentration in the past 400,000 years.


A comparison of the Temperature, Carbon Dioxide levels and Dust Levels for the past 400,000 years as deduced from the Anarctica Vostok Ice Core data.


Over five million years of climate change as deduced from sediment cores.


Sixty five million years of climate change based upon oxygen isotope levels.  Present day level is represented by zero.


Temperature Fluctuations in the past 500 million years based upon Oxygen isotope levels













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