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  I was struck by many admirable qualities of this religion as I read more about it.  It is remarkable tolerant and free of many of the excesses that seem to be so typical of other religions.

     Most followers of Jainism live in India where it has a long history (850 BC). One of the primary concerns is a concern for every living thing.   Some beliefs of Jains:


All living things, including plants, have a soul.


All these souls should be treated with compassion.


There is no single creator god.


The universe has had no beginning and no end.




To escape the endless cycle of reincarnation one must purify one's soul.


Karma, the belief that all one's actions has consequences in one's future reincarnation, is believed in (in common with the beliefs of Hindus and Buddhists).


They believe that they must rely upon their own efforts to escape the endless cycle of reincarnation--without the help of god or gods.


     I hope to explore how Jains live their lives in order to adhere to such beliefs.




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