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     Judaism...anybody who has grown up in the western world has been exposed to the ideas of this faith.  Christianity, of course, sprang from it.  It continues to be a force in the world today, and acts as a lightening rod for extremists of all types.  What are its basic beliefs?  What is its history and roots?  What a fascinating story!  In the following days I hope to delve deeper into the beliefs of this religion and will put my thoughts on the page.


  I was surprised to learn how nebulous some of the beliefs of Judaism are.  There seems to be no set creed or set of beliefs to which Jews must adhere.  Actions in the form of good deeds appear to be more important then beliefs and some liberal Jews do not believe in a God at all!

However, the twelfth century rabbi Maimonides made a list of 13 articles of faith which he thought all Jews should believe and this might be used as a starting point for the beliefs of this faith.














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