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     A person can always find elements of the false or ridiculous in a religion.  Those so inclined can always resort to ridicule, but in doing so they tend to overlook any insights or truths which may be present. 

     I became interested in this question--the question of beliefs that are held in common by various religions.  Below are listed some beliefs that are commonly held by these different belief systems.  Many of them, I think, are precepts that allow people to live together with a minimum of friction.  Many are commonsensical "rules" for a social primate which we are.


1. Do not lie.  (Christianity, Jainism)


2. Do not steal. (Christianity, Jainism)


3. Do not kill other people. (Christianity, Jainism)

    A. Do not kill other living things (Jainism)


4. Be faithful to one's spouse (Christianity, Jainism)


5. Avoid overindulgence: e.g. accumulating excessive possessions (Jainism)


6. Detachment from things of the world (Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism)


7. The attainment of self knowledge resulting in some sort of enlightenment. (Jainism, Buddhism)


8. A universe that runs in cycles.  This includes reincarnation (Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism)