"The mountains and rivers of this moment are the actualization of the way of the ancient Buddhas. Each, abiding in its own phenomenal expression, realizes completeness. Because mountains and waters have been active since before the eon of emptiness, they are alive at this moment. Because they have been the self since before form arose, they are liberated and realized." ~ Mountains and Rivers Sutra ~

'"Enlightenment" and "Nirvana"? They are dead trees to fasten a donkey to. The scriptures? They are bits of paper to wipe the mud from your face. The four merits and ten steps? They are ghosts in their graves. What can these things have to do with you becoming free? '



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  Shugendo is an amalgam of various religions such as Japanese shamanism, Kannabe Shinko, Tantric Buddhism, religious Taoism and Confucianism--a religion  peculiar to Japan comprising aspects of all the various religious influences that has influenced Japan.  Shugendo, translated as "the way,"  is a method of mastering magico-ascetic spiritual powers-- a search for spiritual, mystical, or supernatural powers gained through asceticism.

     It was banned by the Japanese government (Meiji Restoration) in an attempt at modernization--referred to as "a superstition not fit for a new modernized Japan."  The Shugendo temples were converted to accepted Shinto  and Buddhist Shrines. No longer practiced in its original form, it's influence today can be found in the Shingon and Tendai sects of Buddhism.  Aspects of this faith such as it's reverence for nature, especially mountains, is reflected in aspects of modern Japanese culture.


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