Narrows Bridge Construction: The Raising of the  Deck

Click to enlarge: The raising of the bridge decks for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge continues...  The last remaining decks should be arriving from Korea this month (November)

The blue gantries can be seen spanning the cables.

These gantries will attach to the decks and pull them into position.

This is the slope that was shown to be covered in forest in the prior set of photos.

A narrow walkway is separated from the traffic by a low pipe.

This contains the anchors that hold the cable on the Gig Harbor side.

These deck sections were made in Korea and shipped here.

Tugs transport workers back and forth.

Looking North

The deck of the ship is just above the water and can be lowered or raised.

The base of the North towers showing stored equipment.

Giant pulleys

Early one morning

Workers on the walkways constructed on the cables.

Looking down at cables over the beach. These will attach to a deck section.

These two cross bars will attach to the deck sections.

After attaching to a deck section, the gantries will slowly raise the section.

A deck section raised into position.

About two days later this deck on the North side was raised.

The far side seems to almost be brushing the tree tops.

Close-up of the gantry and the supporting cables.

View back South towards the ship that contains the bridge decks.

View South

It's high tide and Brown Kelp can be seen in the clear waters.

Another view of the ship with the bridge decks. Men were painting the stern deck.

View towards the North showing the latest two decks to be raised.

The ship swan can be seen with the bridge decks.

A new deck about to be joined to the one on the far end. This is over the land.

Looking towards the South end with the center decks in place.

Closer view of the center decks showing the susspension cable on the old bridge.

Looking North from the bridge center.

The North tower.

Another view along the north shore with the depending cables.

Early morning 7 October 2006 as the fog creeps up from the cold waters of the Sound.

Tug about to move the barge away.

The Ship Teal with it's load of bridge spans, fresh from Korea.

The fog shifts continuously, revealing then hiding...

The tug moves the tug into position almost on the beach.

The gantry is in position ready to raise the next span. It almost seems on the beach!