Bocas del Toro--Dolphin Bay, Crawl Cay, Red Frog Beach


Leaving Bocas Town for Dolphin Bay

Dimetri, El Capitan, and Dad

My first glimpse of Mangroves!

Sorry to say there were about 8 or 9 boats bothering the dolphins as they fed.

Crawl Cay Restaurant--We placed our lunch orders here from the daily catch of fresh fish, conch, and octopus.


We then went to this reef where I snorkeled in salt water for the first time.

There were an incredible number of coral fish in the clear waters.

Mangrove roots trap sediment and build the islands; they also act as a fish nursery.

After swimming we came back and ate our delicious fish and conch lunch.


Entrance to Red Frog Beach--$2 admission; Dad remonstrating because we were told $1.

A short hike through woods; bromeliads on the trees, frogs calling like birds.

The Red Frog after which the beach gets it's name (Dendrobates sp.).

Leaf Cutter Ants

Wild ginger everywhere.

Dad on the main ocean beach.

Trees of various sorts grew over the beach, their seeds everywhere.

An eatery on the beach.

Bamboo grew everywhere.


Still to be identified.

Pineapple planted by the indigenous people here.

I have some seeds of this tree by the surf.