Trip to Hot Springs and Bird Walk


A four-wheeled drive open vehicle was our mode of transport.

This is the rickety bridge in Boquete that crosses the swift flowing river.

When we got out of the vallely Boquete was in, the plateau was very dry.

Old petroglyphs on this one volcanic rock.

They said the petroglyphs were of Incan origin, but I have my doubts.

This is the rough trail to the hot springs.

Dad crossing a foot bridge.

There were three hot springs ranging from very hot to warm.

Bathing suits were optional, and everybody took this option.

A large Brahma bull held only by a flimsey looking rope.

We traveled to this beautiful fast flying river cold from the mountains.

As I swam in it I noticed numerous tadpoles at the margin where the water was warmer.

Nobody else went swimming here. I hurried up and put my clothes back on.

A succulent bromeliad looking like a sort of cactus.

This very rickety bridge spanned the river and was being painted.

A development company had cleared a site for over two hundred homes.

I really didn't care for the exposed dry sites.

Going back into the valley and Boquete. It was quite cold at this time in the open vehicle.