Bird Island and Star Beach


March 10, Dimetri takes us to Bird Island and Star Beach

This involved going out of the bay into the main ocean.

Bird Island, off the western coast of the island of Colon.

This is a protected Bird Sanctuary. The Red Billed Tropic Bird is only found here in the Caribbean

The Tropic Birds had long plumes in their tails and swooped continually over the tree covered island.

I also saw some Brown Boobies here.

The island appears to be an erosional remnant from the main island of Colon.

Nobody is supposed to land on it. It would be a mite hard to do so.

Boca del Drago from the sea. We were there yesterday.

Star Beach...guess why it's called this?


I snorkeled here...saw schools of some kind of predatory barracuda-like fish.

Dad enjoyed the shade of the canopy.

Me and my new Panama hat...

Punta De Coracal? Have to check the name.

A resort set on pilings on the reef. Only reachable by boat.

And the restaurant!

The menu was some pasta. The prices were also high. I would NOT recommend this resort.

Lots of fish...Dimetri, El Capitain, said one was a Parrot Fish.

This place I found out later on the internet is for sale! Very reasonable also...

The marina in Bocas Town.

Two kayakers as we re-entered Bocas Town after a circumnavigation of the island.