On Mar. 9, Claudio asked George to take us north to a cave and Boca del Drago

The cave had religious statuary at the entrance. It went through a ridge of rock and came out the other side.

This is George our guide and who took us from the airport to Hotel Angela

Bats were numerous at the top of the cavern.

A swift running stream ran through the cave.

While taking this photo, I received an "offering" from the bats.

Thick growths of wild Ginger grew along the road.

The trees are fence posts that sprouted!

Almost all the posts had grown into trees.

Boca del Drago---the western tip of the island of Colon.

All the pilings had a tern on it...Royal Tern. Also one Brown Booby.

George and me.

This coconut had rooted into the sand!

The sand irritated the feet like small pieces of glass, but the tiny shells didn't penetrate the skin.

Yarisnari another open air restaurant. Fresh fish is the best deal here!

Fresh Yellow Snapper and Patajones(sp? fried plantain) for $6! Delicious!

The indians were said to use this fruit for containers.