Panama Canal and Panama City Scenes


On our last full day we had Omar take us on a tour of the locks and city.

The Mira Flores locks were just outside Panama City.

They had a great facility for exhibiting the locks and the passing ships.

You could watch the water raise the ships up, where they were then hauled forward by the mules.

Great observation platforms were available.

It takes about 8 hours to complete a transit of the canal (seems fast to me).

But this is what the film guide said.

And about 24 hours waiting outside the canal.

Anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 plus for ship fees.

A monument in the city to a three-term president.

View of the city from the Amador Causeway (out at the islands).

This little boat had a helicopter on its pad.

Restaurants on the end of the causeway. Lots of construction going on.

Old Town

Ok, I don't know the name of this church, but it's old.

Hawkers were selling caps and souveniers just inside the door.

Various city scenes.

Simon Bolivar again.

The Presidential Palace...guards abound, but it seems so insecure.