Boquete, Chiriqui Province--Hotel Los Establos


Leaving Bocas Town by water taxi

Blurry shot of bus interior as we traveled over the mtns. to Boquete.

Mountains in mist from the bus

Hotel Los Establos in the hills above Boquete

The volcano from Los Establos

Rooms in Los Establos

Lobby--it's a small place, two suites and four rooms. But very nice.

View of Los Establos from the back.

View from the back patio early one morning

The volcano is usually veiled in mist.

Flowers are everywhere

Morning of the thirteenth showed a clear sky about the volcano!

Bird of Paradise

The hotel is in the middle of a coffee plantation.

Early morning mist

The free breakfast was delicious--choose the omlet.

A separate party house with magnificient views.

An elevated walkway led to this "tree house."

Birds were everywhere--unknown birds to me!

The tree was covered in bromeliads and orchids.

One of the orchids on the tree.

Elevated walk from the party house to the tree.

The harvest is mostly over by March but some were left.

Inside the party house.

On a walk on the mountain above the hotel--an incredible morning glory hedge.

A new housing edition being put in.

The roads and utilities were in, but no houses yet.

New Guinea Impatiens grew wild beside the roads.

This is the lot that I want to buy! No information could be found.

An adjoining finca with all kinds of flowers.

Sansiviera?--mother-in-law-tongues growing beside the road!

A stream ran by with waterfalls.