Plane Trip from David to Panama City & the Amador Causeway


Flight from David to Panama City; yes good old Aeroperlas canceled the flight again.

At least this time the plane was much better.

David (Dahveed) from the air.

The Pacific coast was just a few miles south.

The area was much drier on the Pacific side.

Ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal.

This red stuff...what is it?

Coming into Panama City.

A Palm with fruit on the Country Inn Hotel grounds.

The Bridge of the Americas crosses the canal.

Boat tailed grackle on the Amador Causeway.

Moored boats.

More shots of the Bridge of the Americas.

Outside the hotel at sundown.

Breakfast--Note the eggs with an expiration date.

View of the city from the causeway.

Morning of March 15

Ship heading for the Panama Canal entrance.

The Walkway leading out to the marina.

Looking out the Amador Causeway to the three islands it joins.

The causeway is about two km and was constructed out of material from the canal. No traffic for much of its length.

The causeway is a fantastic place to walk, bicycle or skate.

Fruit from a tree loaded with them. The birds loved it. I have no idea...