Local Flowers


I'll be adding photos to this page. Here are the most common flowers that I have!

My weedy, mossy yard is regularly dug up by Racoons!

The introduced Scotch Broom which has spread so widely along the west coast.

Salal leaves often show interesting colors.

This Rhodie, or is it an Azalea, has always bloomed early.

I like Rhodendrons with thick waxy appearing petals.

More of my mossy yard.

Bracken Fern fiddle heads pushing up between boards of an old bucket.

Madrona tree bark

I'm afraid that I burned little wood this Winter.

A nice, inefficient bird feeder.

The beautiful Rhodendron in my yard as it goes through it's blossoming cycle.

About at the height of it's color.

Withered blossoms

White crab spiders often lurk in these flowers.

The Himalayan Blackberry, bane of the Northwest, begins to fruit.

Wild Ocean Spray, a beautiful native shrub, whose stems were once used as arrows.

Oregon Grape

A few straggling roses in my front yard.

The Hydrangea does well.

As does the St. John's Wort (Hypentelium?) which can become a nuisance.

One variety of day lily.

These volunteers...the name escapes me.

A pretty little weed.

Another rose...one of my favorite colors.

Freesia(?) spreads by little bulbs and is very hardy.

The Butterfly bush reaches almost fifteen feet high and must be pruned drastically.

Two colors of Cosmos--very easy to grow.

My favorite color is the bright yellow gold ones that my Grandmother grew in Texas though.