Entrance to road leading to beach.

Big Leafe Maple festooned with moss and Licorice Fern.

The moss acts like a sponge, and drips down to the forest floor long after the rain has stopped.

The moss and Licorice Fern are epiphytes--not parasites.

Epiphytes use the tree as a place to live upon without taking sustenance from it.

Thousands of sword fern cover the sides of the ravine.

Rotten stump mouldering slowly back into the forest loam.

A side stream in a culvert emptying into the main stream.

Pileated Woodpeckers made these holes.

The county destroyed most of the waterfalls in this area when they filled it in with rock.

Sword Fern by stream.

Fortunately fallen branches and debris formed new falls.

Ferny bank by road. I am reminded of Darwin's "tangled bank."

Old log and ferns by road.

Of course there must be RULES!

And other "improvements" on what was once a flower filled meadow.

Tug having just passed beneath the Narrows Bridge(s).