Construction of the New Puget Sound Narrows Bridge

(I'll be adding more as it progresses)


Before the Bridge Construction began the North Side of the Bridge which extends across the "Narrows" from Tacoma to Gig Harbor was covered in trees.

One of the first things done was to cut all the trees down.

Looking down at one of the great supports as it was being constructed.

Two great cranes were erected at each end.

A brilliantly lit catwalk was built under the existing Narrows Bridge.

Left: The view back towards the Gig Harbor Side showing how it looked after the trees were cut but before much actual construction had begun.

Looking down towards the actual construction of one of the supporting towers.

What is it about a bridge disappearing into fog that enthralls me?

The new bridge supports above the mist. This is before the cables were strung.

Early one morning before the sun rose. Looking South East you can see that great mountain Rainier and the bridges.

I am often treated to this view as I go to work.

Blurry shots of the Christmas lights put on the bridge. Coming out of the fog at night and seeing this structure was awe inspiring.

The actual part of the bridge that will carry traffic is being constructed in Korea.

Tugs continually push barges up and down the Sound.

These operator of these cranes have an incredible view!

I really need to use a tripod for these night shots!