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      Occasionally I'll run across something that interests me.  If it interests me sufficiently, I usually will do some research on whatever it is, but since I seldom write any of it down, I tend to forget some of the details.  Part of this little endeavor is to record some of these things that have interested me, and to make it more convenient for me to look up again.

     However, I soon ran into some problems.  There were too many subjects and too little time!  I have started some pages on some of the major subjects that interest me, but out of necessity, this is an ongoing, evolving process.  I found that I would probably never complete this!  As a consequence many of these pages are unfinished and subject to change.  Good grief!  I was just looking over some book reviews and realize that there are some truly incredible books out that I simply MUST read/buy!  I just constructed a new page listing these books on my wanted list.

        I'm pretty boring I'm afraid.  I don't care for most music (except for jazz of course and some grass and blues), and wouldn't know Britanny Spears from Ralph Kramdon.  I rarely go to movies and have few favorites (Bladerunner).  I don't care for team sports like football or basketball (yawn) but do like individual sports such as gymnastics, track, fishing, hiking. I suppose this is in keeping with my loner tendencies.  I do read, ravenously and almost continuously, although I have cut back some in the past few years.  Science Fiction has always been my favorite genre (SF NOT Sci Fi!!!), although I love good books of all kinds (See the wonderful Amber series by Roger Zelazny!) .  I have always admired Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series, Louis L'Amour's earlier books, and Heinlein's early works also.  Historical novels like those of Mary Renault's on ancient Greece (amazing!) and Colleen McCullough's on ancient Rome (I am currently reading her last) are wonderful.  I also love to read books by various science writers--Stephen J. Gould and Michio Kaku come to mind.

       I have a great interest in Genealogy and finding out more about my family history. This interest was sparked by my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather who told tales of their families in such interesting ways. I was lucky in that I was born to young parents with young grandparents and had the incredible privilege of knowing my grandparents for many years. My parents are still alive, and I come from a close loving family.  I hated History in school, and only became interested in it afterwards.  This lead to an interest in my own history and that of my family.  I've extended most lines back quite a ways, but still have far to go. The interest in History led back to ancient history, which led on back to the history of our species, which linked up with my abiding interest in Biology.  Links of connection--an every expanding intricate web of linkage connecting us, events and all life together to that great shimmering immensity that I see in the sky on clear nights.

       Actually I think I'm interested in too many things.  Before a fire destroyed my cameras and dark room equipment, I was heavily into photography--especially macrophotography, insects, wild flowers and any thing else that was beautiful and small.  Now I just take snapshots, but hope to get back into nature photography.  I've recently discovered the world of Digital Photography and rarely use film now.

     Certain eastern philosophies also interest me--especially Zen and Taoism which finds a resonating chord within me.

Oh yes, I love gardening and growing plants organically; oh and dogs and cats, Herpetology, Ornithology, Ecology, gerbils and goldfish..dang, I have to stop before I bore you to death.  Some things are best not discussed in a public format perhaps...things like our personal tastes in clothes, books, politics...or whatever.  On the other hand, why not?  Especially if one of the functions of such a site is self-expression or exploration.  Does anybody really care what my taste in books is--or for that matter my taste in anything?  Most likely not,  Regardless, since this is for me, I'll do as I like.





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