Personal Information


Interests (Check here for a list of recent things that have caught my interest)

        I.   Things Biological

           A.  Evolution

                 1.  Charles Darwin

                 2.  An Incredible Recent Discovery

                 3.  The Evolution of Man

                 4.  Intelligent Design

                 5.  Aliens and Convergent Evolution

                 6.  Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny?

                 7. Were Neandertals Human?


           B Things of Curiosity

                 1. Why Do Camels Have Thin Eyelids?

                 2. Human Chimeras

                 3. Genital Mutilation

                 4. Scalping


            C.  Environmental Questions

                 1. Extinction

                      a. For Whom the Bell Tolls--A list of the recently Extinct

                 2. Global Warming

                 3. Overpopulation

                 4. Energy and Mankind


             D. Why Sex? The Role of Gender


             E.  Genetics

                   1. Jumping Genes


          II. Consciousness (not finished)


         III. The Amber Chronicles


         IV.  BOOKS

               A. Books Read (Beginning May 15, 2006)

               B. Books I Must Read

               C. Favorite Authors

               D. Comments on Books I Have Read


           V. PHOTOS


          VI. CREATIVE

                A. Some of My Favorite Poems

                B. Haiku

                C. Some of My Poems

                D. Ryokan

                E. Other Japanese Writers

                     1. Basho

                     2.  Ikkyu

                     3. Fukiwara Taika

                     4. Musashi



         VII.  Musings: Quotes and Thoughts


        VIII.  Ways of Living

                 A. Christianity

                 B. Jainism

                 C. Judaism

                 D. Buddhism

                 E.  Zen

                 F.  Islam

                 G. Shinto

                 H. Taoism

                  I.  Shugendo

                 J.  Religious Commonalities

                 K. A Question of Simple


          IX.   Texified--A Blog